Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Day for Giveaway....

Are your fingers tired and is your mind reeling from all the great blogs and project ideas? This has been my first giveaway and my first time visiting all the participant sites. WOW...a bit overwhelming. I still have not made it to all the sites. I guess I know what I will be doing this afternoon. I will be sure to post my winner's name on Monday morning. I will be mailing out the fabric bowl and coaster set tomorrow as well.

The tutorial for the bowls can be found at I have sent purchased the book It's A Wrap by Susan Breier and it has lots of neat project ideas. It shows how to make square bowls (something I wasn't sure how to do) and also purses and lids for your bowls.

Thanks for all the visitors and comments. Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Giveaway Day!

Welcome all Giveaway Participants. This is my first time to take part in the giveaway and I am excited to get started visting all the different blogs. I am giving away (to some lucky blogger) one fabric coiled basket and matching coaster. (The winner will have their choice of the pink set or the orange set...just let me know after you have been proclaimed the winner.) This posting will remain up from May 27-31, 2009. My winner will be chosen randomly. I have already selected a number. The blog comment corresponding with that number will win (for example, if I have chosen #17, the 17th comment to the blog giveaway will be the winner). I am shipping to the U.S. only at this time. Good luck and have fun visiting all the blogs. Hope you win something neat!
PLEASE leave links to any crafts or projects you think I may be interested in. I like sewing, felting and most anything craft related. If you know a really great site, please feel free to share the link. (I'm always interested in any hat patterns suitable for scrub hats or chemo hats.) Thanks!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogspot Banner

Tell me neat is this lovely new addition (i.e. the colorful BANNER) to my little blog??? I would love to take credit for it but all kudos go to my very talented daughter. She prepared it today and I really like it. THANKS Babe!

I've just returned home from a week with this same daughter. We had a great visit. We live so far apart and any time spent with her is treasured. We were in Florida for 8 days and it rained 6 straight. So much for sunny Florida, hehe! Actually I preferred the cooler temps associated with the rain over the heat and humidity usually present during our visits.

I have posted pics of some of the wall clocks I have revamped. The third pic (the one of the smaller white clock) is the one I took to my daughter. The other two are my second and third attempts respectively. I think a body could make some really pretty clocks with the right fixins.

I have started making coiled fabric bowls. (The above pics show bowls with matching coasters---I have a bowl and coaster on my desk at work. The bowl is a convenient place to toss your keys and cell phone and the coaster does it 's thing to help keep your paperwork dry.) Anyone tried one of those? Coiled fabric bowls, I mean---not coasters. I really like the look and have plans to make something bigger like a purse. I use a 1/4" poly rope from the Dollar Tree to make my coiled bowls, plates, purses, etc. I bought several rolls but then the Dollar Trees near my home suddenly had NONE. What a bummer! The price of $1 for a 50' rope can't be beat...have you priced cotton clothesline? Most tutorials/books suggest cotton clothesline but the 1/4" poly rope works great. Anyway, once again, my daughter came to my rescue and located several (try 35 or so) at a Dollar Treet store near her home in Florida. Now that i have a supply of rope, the creativity can begin. I plan on giving away a coiled fabric bowl during the upcoming Sew Mama Sew give-away. Check it out at that website to see a list of all participants who plan to give away a variety of neat things. You simply need to visit the various blogs and leave a comment to register for each giveaway. If you want to participate by giving something away, you need a blog and will need to sign-up at the Sew Mama Sew website by TODAY Monday May 25th.
It's good to be home but I have lots to put away and lots of projects to get started. Be creative :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Forgot I Had A Blog

Really, can you imagine?  I am new to this blogging thing and I simply forget to keep it up.  I have been busy making this and that.  My work at the hospital has been cut to one day a week so I have more time than ever to create.  I've been making a few things for my daughter who I will be visiting this next week.  I will go into more detail after I give her the items...wouldn't want to blow the surprise by posting pics now!  
My newest interest is felting.  I have been making felt balls.  I received a huge bag of fleece straight from a sheep and have been learning what to do to pick, clean and process it for the balls.  My first few attempts have been promising.  Working with raw fleece is a process to be sure.  Thankfully, there is much information available online for newbies like me.  Why felt balls you ask?  I am making large felt balls using colorful fleece.  Once the balls are finished, I cut them in half to reveal the pretty colors inside.  The halfs are then used as pincushions.  I really like them.  I can always use another pincushion, how about you?

Other projects include revamping battery powered wall clocks.  Pics to be posted on those a bit later.  I'm also taking a crack at making paper beads.  Just getting started but I think these could be pretty if made from the right paper.