Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MORE Pincushions

I'm on a pincushion binge.....made these in the last few days. More on the way in various sizes and shapes. Where will it end?????
I think jewelry will be my next project. Has anyone tried paper beads? I've seen a lot of the long cylindrical shaped beads but only a few truly round beads. Does anyone know the trick of getting a round bead? I've searched online extensively. Everyone says that a long skinny triangular strip of paper will produce a round bead. I haven't had luck making round ones yet. Any suggestions? mypapereden on flickr has some beautiful round beads posted. Check those out and see what I mean about round.


  1. do you need a pin cushion intervention?

  2. Hi Pam, gorgeous pin cushions! I wanted to email you in more detail regarding your questions about using PicMonkey with my label tutorial - my email is roslynruss{at}gmail{dot}com, if you can email me then we can chat directly about it! Hope you are having a lovely week! Ros