Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Season, New Blog

This is my first blog as well as my very first entry! I read a lot of blogs during my searches for sewing tutorials. I am amazed at all the neat/creative ideas people come up with and are willing to share in their blogs. At this point, I have more project ideas in my Favorites list than I will ever find time to try. Even so, I keep searching and reading blogs. By the way, if you come across any sewing/craft projects you think I would be interested in, please let me know.

I have been sewing since my teenage years. First I made clothing for myself and then there were many years when I sewed nothing at all. Lately (i.e. the last 3-4 years) I have been sewing surgical scrub hats. I went to work as a circulating nurse in a hospital OR over 10 years ago. I eventually started sewing scrub hats as a means of self-expression in the workplace. The scrub hat is about the only way to express oneself in the OR---especially when everyone wears the same color scrubs every day. I have sold hats on eBay, Etsy and to co-workers. Lately, I mostly sell hats to repeat customers who contact me directly. I still enjoy making the hats and will probably continue until I grow tired of it. By the way, does anyone need a scrub hat/chemo hat?

I love to sew and really enjoy making useful things. I absolutely love shopping in craft and fabric stores. Like most sew-ers, I have tons of fabric....way more than I will probably ever use yet I still buy fabric. Been there and done that? I have slowed down my purchasing in the past year. After a while, there is simply no where to store all the fabric and still be able to look at it and locate it when you need it.

Another favorite place for me to shop is thrift stores and yard sales. I absolutely love a great find for a discount price. I especially enjoy buying an item and then using it (or converting it) into something other than it's original purpose. My sister and I share the love of sewing and thrifting. My daughter is somewhat onboard with the sewing but doesn't fully share my zeal for the thrift stores/yard sales. I'm thrilled though that she has started sewing and enjoy when she goes shopping with me.

Enough about me for now. I will use this blog to post ideas and tutorials as they come to me. Pictures will be added as well but not this evening.

Spring has sprung here in Tennessee and the weather is making it more and more difficult to stay indoors! Bedding plants will arrive soon and our front yard already needs a good mowing. Regardless of the weather, devoted sew-ers will always find time for their creative pursuits.

Till next time.....keep on sewing.

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  1. You didn't tell me you made a blog! Now where's those pictures?