Saturday, May 16, 2009

Forgot I Had A Blog

Really, can you imagine?  I am new to this blogging thing and I simply forget to keep it up.  I have been busy making this and that.  My work at the hospital has been cut to one day a week so I have more time than ever to create.  I've been making a few things for my daughter who I will be visiting this next week.  I will go into more detail after I give her the items...wouldn't want to blow the surprise by posting pics now!  
My newest interest is felting.  I have been making felt balls.  I received a huge bag of fleece straight from a sheep and have been learning what to do to pick, clean and process it for the balls.  My first few attempts have been promising.  Working with raw fleece is a process to be sure.  Thankfully, there is much information available online for newbies like me.  Why felt balls you ask?  I am making large felt balls using colorful fleece.  Once the balls are finished, I cut them in half to reveal the pretty colors inside.  The halfs are then used as pincushions.  I really like them.  I can always use another pincushion, how about you?

Other projects include revamping battery powered wall clocks.  Pics to be posted on those a bit later.  I'm also taking a crack at making paper beads.  Just getting started but I think these could be pretty if made from the right paper.

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  1. you've been busy! so what are you making your daughter?